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Xerox supplies for Xerox machines

Customers expect flawless print quality and extremely reliable devices. All Xerox branded laser toner cartridges and solid inks for Xerox machines are warranted for the life of the consumable item. Fact: Xerox supplies are 100% better than 'bargain' brands!

Buyers Lab Inc. (BLI) has revealed the truth about 'bargain' brand toners. The globally respected independent research house put some so-called 'clones' to the test, with horrifying results. In recent tests, Top Print and Colour Soft print cartridges caused:

  • Catastrophic printer failure
  • Hundreds of euros' worth of damage to printers
  • Severe downtime leading to major loss of productivity
  • Up to 59% lower page yield than Genuine Xerox toner
  • Mottling and severe toner flaking on printed output
Four dangers of non original Xerox cartridges, are:
  • Can contain toxic chemicals which could damage your health
  • Have a high failure rate of up to 95%* meaning you pay more for supplies in the long run
  • May cause irreparable damage to your printer costing you both money and time with lost productivity
  • Produce up to 50%** fewer pages per cartridge, you'll need to order double the supplies!